The miyuki weaving technique

The weaving process begins with the creative idea of ​​the shape and colors to be used Then in a delicate and patient way, each accessory begins to be woven with beads and thread or wire according to the desired technique. Each piece takes a certain time for its elaboration according to the size. The small ones can take a couple of hours and the larger ones take up to 4 hours to make, since each piece is woven by hand. With these techniques we can make: earrings, anklets, necklaces and bracelets

Hi! I'm Sara Escobar

I'm from Colombia, a newcomer in Canada, I am a Social worker by profession, 

this have given me the opportunity to travel around Colombia and learn from different

Colombian indigenous communities.

It was during this time that I learned this weaving technique called Miyuki, that captivated me and quickly became a big part of my life.

Initially it was a peaceful moment for me like some sort of meditation. It taught me a lot about myself and inspired me to use this craft to express my ideas

and empower other women with these beautiful accessories.

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